Slot machine test: Odyssey

The story of Odysseus is world famous and one of the oldest stories in the world that already circulated, not even as the Bible was in diapers. Often enough, the subject of Odysseus on Odyssey was recorded and processed. Not to mention his list with the Trojan horse. In the "Odyssey" slots, you can feel a part of the commitments and accompany the brave sailor. Doing that should not go unrewarded, because good winning chances waiting for it in this mercury slot you.

The slot is graphically very nicely designed and offers a lot of exhibition material able to legend. The symbols but not only look good, but also for fulfilment, by they provide you with winning. Also at Sunmaker Casino. If you're ready for the lost voyage, a closer look can not harm.

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Odyssey play online

Odysseus had to overcome many hurdles on his Odyssey, what courage can make, because at the end he did Yes it. And it can be in this slot, since only a few small gains are retracted, until finally the big prize waits. Especially in free spin rounds, the slot can be twice asking and paying diligently on your credit account. And bonus rounds there will no shortage, but previously series must be made only once, so that there is profit.

A series of same symbols ensures profit, but only then, if the number on line. Of these, there are five pieces, which is enough to every now and again he rotate rows. The most symbols, at least three pieces must be side by side, so that will be counted at all. The exception is the wild and scatter symbols. Also a series must not be interrupted and must always be the first roller left start.

Symbols and lines in the slot Odyssey

Good in "Odyssey" is the profit actually getting enough to lie about the usage. The only exception is the scatter symbol in two fields, because hereby only the usage will be replayed. Everything else makes but definitely for profit and that is not uncommon. The letters and numbers are still the lowest values, the Cyclops, the island and the map above. Right high profits there is forward all with the main characters, Odysseus yourself

Odysseus is pictured on the wild symbol, which means that it counts not only for themselves, but is also the Joker function. Only the scatter symbol can be replaced by him. But anyway, this has the advantage that it must appear not necessarily in a row, but also counts, if the symbols anywhere on the reels. From three symbols, there are free games. So are 15, 30, or even 45 free spins in "Odyssey" possible. The advantage in free spin rounds is also Ulysses, because he brings here a quadruple multiplier with the Joker role.

Slot machines instructions by Odyssey

If you play for real money, you should approach you slowly at higher stakes. The maximum bet is located in "Odyssey" with € 10, which also significantly affect the profits. Of course, your balances falls then even faster, why you just have to assess how much risk you want to take. The selected usage also applies to all rounds, which start automatically by the auto-start mode.

If you did all the dangers despite profit, still two more options in "Odyssey" are friends, which is typical for mercury slots. To play with the cards and the risk manager. In both cases, you're always a 50-50 chance. You're lucky, your profit will increase. The risk is high, but, losing the round win. The risk especially at low profits, which some want to be upgraded are recommended.

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